Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DNS Jumper

Easily change DNS servers

Things have been quiet here as of late, mainly due to the holidays, but with the new year under-way it’s time to get back into full swing. A few posts ago I wrote about Google’s attempt to speed up the browsing experience by providing public DNS servers from their vast infrastructure. I detailed how to change your DNS server through the traditional Windows interface – which has remained relatively unchanged since the Windows 95 days, and while it’s not very difficult, it does require a bit of knowledge – namely the IP addresses you wish to switch too.

DNS Jumper is a free Windows utility that greatly simplifies the process – to the tune of a single click! The application is portable and thus requires no installation. DNS Jumper includes a number of DNS server options including Google, Open DNS, and Ultra DNS. My suggestion is to try out Google’s DNS servers yourself since Jumper makes the process so painless, and then decide if the performance difference exists.

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